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01/26 (Wed.)Dr. Hsu-Feng Teng (Assistant Research Scholar, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University) Tropical Cyclone Formation in Monsoon and Easterly Environments over the Western North Pacific: Statistics, Physics, and Applications 32
01/21 (Fri.) Dr. Chia-Wei La  (Senior Weatherman, Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taipei, Taiwan)Impacts of the Precipitation Changes on the Terrestrial Hydrology and Its Applications 35
01/20 (Thu.) Dr. Ya-Chien Feng (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL, Earth Scientist)/ Department of Energy (DOE, data manager)) Moisture, cloud and precipitation: What can we learn from observations 45
01/19 (Wed.) Dr. Chang-Feng Ou-Yang (Assistant Research Scholar, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Central University) Long-term trace gas variations associated with atmospheric dynamics in Western Pacific: Observations, implications, and challenges 25
CANCELLED  01/18 (Tue.) Prof. Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang (Department of Plants, Soils and Climate, Utah State University, USA) Is Summer Jet Stream Getting Wavier and How? 46
CANCELLED  1/14 (Fri.) Dr.Yen-Hua Chen (Department of Earth Sciences, NCKU)  Solving geological problems utilizing the microstructural and mineral characterization 39
1/7  (Fri.) Dr.Pei-Ru Jian (Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica)Relation of body wave spectrum, site-effect and geomorphology revealed by the cluster event method 2 for Tohoku area, Japan 33
01/07 (Fri.) Dr. Bo-Xun Yan (CEO, Tensor Tech CO.,LTD ) 衛星姿態控制與球型馬達技術分享  55
01/04 (Tue.) Associate Prof. Shao-Yiu Hsu (Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, NTU) Multi-scale soil water movement — from microfluidic experiments to paddy water field 45
01/04 (Tue.)Dr. Wei-Ting Hung (George Mason University)Smoke plume aloft: Investigation of the air quality impacts of transported wildfire smoke aerosols using multi-year datasets and machine learning 53