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10/21 (Thu.) JACKSON CHANG HIAN WUI (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) Modelling the urban ozone air pollution using WRF-CMAQ over southern Taiwan 5
10/19 (Tue.) Prof. Shu-Chih Yang (Department of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU)  GNSS氣象觀測資料同化對劇烈天氣預報之影響 12
10/27 (Wed.) Dr. You-Lin Wang (Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University) The Kuroshio under the global warming hiatus 23
09/17 (Fri.) Wei-Syun Huang (PhD candidate, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) 區域大氣空氣品質模式之排放量修正影響探討:利用衛星資料調整污染排放量與個案研究 375
08/17 (Tue.) Prof. Bo-Wen Shen (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, San Diego State University, USA) Is Weather Chaotic? Coexisting Attractors and Multistability within a Generalized Lorenz Model 440
07/29 (Thr.) Bui Manh Hai (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) The evolution of intraseasonal oscillations an d their influence on rainfall variability during the rainy subseasons in central Vietnam 457
06/17 (Thr.) Qiao-Jun Lin (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) The Madden-Julian Oscillation in a Warming World
Cancelled  06/08 (Tue.) Dr. Chih-Hsien Wei (China Airlines) Aeronautical meteorology and aviation weather forecast 579
05/04 (Tue.) Dr. Hsiao-Yuan(Samuel) Yin (Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture) 台灣坡地災害管理策略實務分享 560
04/30 (Fri.) Dr. Yu-Jiu Wang(TRON FUTURE TECH INC.) Phased Array Technologies in Space Industry 642