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09/30 (Fri.) Prof. Chien-Ying Wang (Department of Earth Sciences, National Central University) Geothermal Exploration in Yilan Plain 11
09/27 (Tue.) Assistant Prof. Hong-Yueh Lo (Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering, NTU) 水下山崩海嘯之相關研究 18
09/20 (Tue.) Mr. Meng Chieh Wan (polar science expedition guide) 高緯度人生 35
09/20 (Tue.) Prof. Wen-Yih Sun (Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Purdue Univ., USA) The revisit of parcel method and the CAPE 19
09/08 (Thu.) Yu-Shuang Tang (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) 資格考口試:臺灣周圍颮線系統熱動力及雲物理特性演變分析研究 46
09/07 (Wed.) Jing-Yang Xu (桃園市野鳥學會保育研究組組長) 淺談桃園濱海的鳥類生態(候鳥篇) 35
08/29 (Mon.)  Dinh Duc Tu (PhD candidate, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) The extreme weather climate in northern Vietnam during northern summer 72
08/22 (Mon.) Prof. Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang (Department of Plants, Soils and Climate, Utah State University, USA) 氣候引發的林火事件頻增,那台灣呢? 75
08/17 (Wed.) Dr. Tsai-Wen Deng (Central Weather Bureau) 氣象雷達在候鳥遷徙上的應用 81
08/05 (Fri.) Wu, Zon-You(Graduate of Department of Space Science and Engineering, NCU)Ionospheric lunar phase effects observed by GNSS total electron content 74