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04/16 (Fri.) Dr. Chih-Hsuan Sung  (Postdoctoral Researcher, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley) Impacts of non-ergodic ground motion models on hazard 8
04/09 (Fri.) Dr. Chia-Han Tseng  (Earthquake-Disaster & Risk Evaluation and Management, E-DREaM) Geomorphic evolution by endogenic and exogenic processes in mountainous area of Taiwan 39
03/30(Tue.) Assistant Prof. Cissi Ying-tsen Lin (Department of Space Science and Engineering, NCU) A Random Walk Down to the Ice 24
03/26 (Fri.) Dr. Yi-Chia Lu  (Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University) Hydrothermal fluid activity and thermal history of Taiwan slate formation 49
03/23 (Tue.) Dr. Hsin-Chieh Pu (Researcher, Seismological Center, Central Weather Bureau) Preparations for the next volcanic eruption in the northern Taiwan 48
03/19 (Fri.) Dr. Chih-Heng Lu(Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica)Insight into the geohazard mechanism during different stages of earthquake cycle from remote sensing
03/16 (Tue.) Dr. Slawomir Jack Giletycz(Department of Earth Sciences, National Central University (Postdoc))Landscape rearrangement due to active tectonism of the southern Taiwan 47
03/09(Tue.) Prof. Bing-Chen Jhong (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, NTUST) A Systematic Generalized Framework for Climate Risk Assessment and Climate Adaptation Strategy Investigation: Progress and Future Perspectives 97
03/02(Tue.) Dr. Pin-Chun Huang (Assistant Research Fellow, Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering, NTOU) Development of computing-efficient hydraulic and hydrological models for surface runoff and river flow simulations 100
02/24 (Wed.) Yen-Ta Fu (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) 台灣懸浮微粒年際變化之研究 101