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06/27 (Mon.) Prof. Michael M. Bell (Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University) Relationships Between Tropical Cyclone Size, Structure, and Intensity Change 1
06/27 (Mon.) Yi-Ju Lee (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) Development of a PM2.5 forecasting model using machine learning algorithms 4
06/29 (Wed.) Ke, Kai-Jun(Graduate of Department of Space Science and Engineering, NCU)新中壢電離層探測儀系統特性與實高分析-演算法與資料分析 3
06/15 (Wed.) Prof. Angela K. Rowe (Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences,University of Wisconsin-Madison) Understanding extreme rainfall in mountainous terrainand cloud activities over North Africa and North Atlantic Ocean 17
06/02 (Thu.) Shen, Han-Wen(Graduate of Department of Space Science and Engineering, NCU)A Study on Auroral Precipitating Particles in Terms of Energy Channels 34
06/01 (Wed.) Dr. Fu-Yong Lin (Department of Earth System Science, University of California Irvine) An Atlantic-driven rapid circulation change in the North Pacific Ocean during the late 1990s 25
05/27 (Fri.) Prof. Yen-Hua Chen (Department of Earth Sciences, NCKU)  Solving paleomagnetic problems by the microstructural and mineralogical characteristics 31
05/25 (Wed.) Associate Research Fellow, Shu-Ya Chen (GPS Scientific Application Research Center, NCU)GNSS RO Data Applications in Atmospheric Science 41
05/20 (Fri.) Prof. Ting-Yu Hsu (Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) Upgrade Earthquake Resilience via Earthquake Early Warning & Structural Health Monitoring 40
On-line 05/18 (Wed.) Distinguished Professor, Ming-Tsang Wu (PhD Program in Environmental and Occupational Medicine, KMU)2011 Taiwan Phthalate-tainted Food Scandal-Reflection and Prospect 65