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10/07 (Wed.) Prof. Tze-Wei Chen (Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan Normal University)What do you do when presenting at an international conference? 3
10/06 (Tue.) Dr. Hung-Jui Yu (Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NTU) Quality-Controlled High-Resolution Upper-Air Sounding Dataset for TASSE 2018–2020: Development and Corrections of the “Storm Tracker” Observations 30
09/30 (Wed.) Dr. Chia-Wei La (Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University)Impacts of the Precipitation Changes on the Terrestrial Hydrology and Its Applications 9
09/25  (Fri.) Dr. Kun-Han Lee ( Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica)Turbulence Spectra of Electron Density and Magnetic Field Fluctuations
in-situ measured by Voyager 1 in the Local Interstellar Medium
09/23 (Wed.) Hai-Po Chan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Earth Sciences, NCU)  Satellite remote sensing surveying on active volcanoes in Taiwan and SE Asia 24
09/22(Tue.)Assistant Prof. Jui-Pin Tsai (Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, NTU) Development of A Multilevel Well System Using Fiber Bragg Grating Technology and Its Application on Aquifer Characterization 39
09/15(Tue.)  Using Numerical Simulations and Field/Lab. Experiments to Study the Riverbed Scouring 72
09/10 (Thu.) Miller Huang (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU) Utilizing IBM_VDRAS system to reconstruct the high resolution 3D meteorological fields and the conceptual model of southwesterly flow rainfall system 74
08/25(Tue.)Prof. Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang (Department of Plants, Soils and Climate, Utah State University, USA) ENSO Precursors and Cross-Basin Processes  147
07/29(Wed.) Yung-Ching Lin (PhD student, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, NCU ) Investigate the relationship of Atmospheric Stability and Upper Tropospheric Buoyancy with the Occurrence of Afternoon Thunderstorm    115